Tuesday, March 31, 2009

iNsTaNt RuNNer

FTMSK athlete : my bibs no...cs 012teeth
huhuhu...today d 3000m,4x400m event were held at TOT..as i'm very exhausted...sleep heavily till 8.30 in d morning..kaki+kepale sakit..had migrain dat nyte...lack of rest..maybe..i not joined d sunday training with URC coz really xlarat..huhuu...

wake up n mandi..ready to go to d stadium to support URC members who took part in d event...this is what we called club spirit!!! suddenly, puteri roomate came back n said that i have to replace d girl who is supposed to represent our faculty in 3000m event...my reaction???of course not!!! with my mental is not ready for that..my legs is not in a condition..i won't replace her!!! but..i'm still prepare what i need if i'm forced to replace her..

ready to go...reached stadium i can hear from outside d staium d 3000m for women is already started..hahahaa...xpyh susa2 pk nk kene ganti..yeay!!! met all URC member dat already at d stadium such as AIZUDDIN,MUN,HARIZ,AZREY,AMMAD,FIZI,SUFINA...we support RUBY n AWIN who took part in d 3000m event..RUBY got number 2 if i'm not mistaken..congrats to them coz able to finish d race...of course they can finish d race coz they r already a 'star' in URC..hehehe..
d supporters..
suddenly...as i lepak with d URC members..one of the runners from 4x400m team come to me...guess what???? they ask me to replace their fren coz their fren already injured...hoh???400m..i have to sprint form start to d end..what d heck!!!i say that i can't run today..but they say there are nobody to replace their fren..i have to agree to run...hahaha

the team...sweat

hmm..so..i agree to run..ready with the team mates...i'm runner number 3..i'm very NERVOUS!!!!and d race started...our first runner jauh da kene tinggal..doesn't matter...we not target to win as d other team hebat gilerr especially form UiTM Perliss...hebat sgt!! when it comes my turn..huh...i run as fast as i cpuld as this is 400m no need to save energy like 5km or 10km event..thanx god my leg not cramp...maybe d spirit of running overcome my pain...agak sempot tp berjaye maintain till d end..adoii...my grup is number 4...doesn't matter asalkan bole abeskan race...congrats to my team...

me finish d race
after that had lunch at DC with ammad, aizuddin n hariz..we stay at d stadium to support ALWI, FALAH,AZREY n NAS FOR 3000M for MEN...

AIZUDDIN is a good FAKERS!!!zomg
d supporter from URC are...me, AIZUDDIN, WANA n aASIF [he quite dissapoint coz can't join d race...his fav's event]...we yell so loud n become d center of attention..hehehe...congrats to ALWI coz got d gold medal after compete so hard..n congrats to d other also coz manage to finish d race...

falah, azrey n NAS on their way to d starting point
went back i have to do a group work with my group coz tomorrow we got UAT..penat2...my face also get burn!!!! hmm..da gelap...
thats all for now...to be continuee....")

Monday, March 30, 2009


i already forget about this race until farid call me to remind me about d race..that nyte i', thinking...wondering wether i want to run or not today...or just be the photogrpher as usual..huhuhu...n i can't sleep that nyte thinking of it..everything is coz of my leg...already sakit coz of d hard training this week..

wake up in d morning, prepare whatever needed for d race...this event wego by ourselves coz not many URC members want to join coz they focus more on TOT event..so, i go there with farid [ Wana can't joined coz she had a problem...]..

rUNNeRS for d DAY!!!

reached section2 i'm quite surprised coz i found edan..n the girl sit in front of us in d bus is his cousin...ok...what a surprise..edan also join d race...so..we go there together...his cousin quite nice..her name is LIA...nice to meet her..friendly gal..") reached dataran, we met NAS n HARIZ..they come with motorcycle..


pkai kasoT LAAAA...

after that we register n we have to pay rm10..we got goodie bag containing a SHIRT, BREAD, DRINKING WATER, n a CERTIFICATE...prepare ourselves what is needed for d race n warming up together..after that we had to gather to hear d briefing...d race start at 8.42am where the weather is already hot!!!!Malaysia is HOT!!!owh~..there are prizes for the top 10...i tot its juz run for fun..try ur best pjart!!!!


i run with my mp3..so xla down sgt rase with my leg yg sakit..as my leg is not in a good condition..baru lari sket i already feel d pain i walk a lil bit n then force myself to run as quick as i can b4 my leg is lazy to run...so i run in the hot environment...reached one junction i become confuse which way i should go..i saw a man jogging straight...but lucky me...d checkpoint man waving at me and i turn left...naseb baek xsala jaln..yeah!!!

running..running..i come nearer to the finishing line...n here i come d finishing line...finish d race....i got number one...participant from my category is not so many...so..lucky me coz manage to get number 1..met the others..EDAN got number three n HARIZ got number 9...congrats to them..

while waiting for the prize giving ceremony...we take pictures together...nas,edan,hariz n farid doing the hand painting then cop tangan kat wall of fame...hehe...then come the moment we waiting for...the prize giving ceremony...HARIZ got the sunway lagoon's ticket voucher n medal, EDAN got the horleys product in the HORLEYS bag n medal...me also but more expensive laaa...hehehe..congrats to NAS coz dpt cabutan bertuah...tcket nk g SUNWAY LAGOON n ZOO..ok la tu..

hand painting..



enjoy this race coz i like to run...my timing today is 5km+- = 31mins..i have to improve the timing..n i know i can do it..impossible is nothing..just do it..

"RUNNING for a BETTER place to help the HUMAN race ")


this is week is a bz week for me...bz with d training for the t.o.t [ TEMASYA OLAHRAGA TAHUNAN]..i went ford 2nd selection..[i already missed d first selection..]...n put my name for 1500m event..but i'm quite dissapoint coz..since there are 3 people includes me who wanted to represent our faculty [FTMSK] they should do d saringan n choose who is really qualified for this event..[i'm not saying that i'm d best..but it is unfair!!!]...that nyte..i really sad coz i;m only in the simpanan list..whatever...

my legs is soo painful coz of d hard training i did this week..my faculty provided a brooks spike for each athlete...huhuu...

my sadness turn to happiness when farid call me on d phone and asked me wether i join d charity run tomorrow or not...oowh~ i forgot about the race already...bz sgt...huhuu...of course i agree to join coz i want to run..da xle lari 1500m..lari 5km tros laaa...hahaha

but my legs is painful....what should i do????? to be continue...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

..tOdaY's tRaiNiNg..

ello everybody....i'm happy with my club that is UiTM Runners Club won the Anugerah Kelab Cemerlang..congrats to our club even it is not registered yet...Back to d topic... this week, as URC not have any event to go..so we have our own training on Sunday. We gather at 7 a.m [as what aizuddin said] but i reached there 7.15a.m [xberdisiplin btol aku ni..] huhuhu...quite enjoy this training coz it started early in the morning and no pressure during running....

there were 12 +- runners club members who join this training...we warm up together and then start to run together in group..it's quite fun...n i enjoy every moment with them as before this i never did this with my fren since i'm in UiTM..while running, i enjoy d fresh air in d morning...peacefull..

as i am d photographer for URC, i need to run with d camera n have to stop for a while to take d pictures while we were running....i'm not feel exhausted today but i feel painful at my right abdomen...but as d route is getting near, i just continue running till d starting point....after that i can't push myself to run for d second run..uhuhu...i ran with farid around d engineering area after that...waiting for every runners to finish their running and take pictures of them..thanx to hariz for his banana...enjoy it as our breakfast!!! ")

today, one of URC member, Fizi a.k.a Jawe took part in 4x400m competition. as a members,we decided to go n support him for his running today..we give our full support to him n his group win the gold medal..congrats to him..

then, we spend tyme together havin' lunch at DC..and talking about d upcoming events, running, running n running n other issues..we do enjoy our tyme together n hopefully this will continuing for a long period...

there are not so many things to be mentioned here..but what i can say is i enjoy every moment today..with every members of URC...n i just waiting for d next together training with them...

at nyte...i'm not soo happy as i'm happy during d day..so many things make me sad, dissapointed..make me feel i wanna running n juz left d things behind..thats all for today...c u later...O_o

jiwe kacau+jiwe kabuut+problemo = me today - strength (mental/emotion)

Monday, March 16, 2009

..BACk 2 RacE..

hmm..not ready..go without permission...mental weak...all dis stuff make me worried a lot bout this race...in addition, it is 10km as stated in d form..huhuh..this tyme..i came from home coz i need to take care of ouse n my siblings coz my parent were not at home..[blik klntn b'due coz of my cousin's wedding!!]..i had deal with 'someone' to pick me at home and send me to uitm..but then..the 'sumone' forgot n i kept miscalling but then..no answer..i'm a bit tension and pissed off..then lucky my besh buddy, puteri can fetch me..n we reached sport complex at 5.30 am.our fren, syukriah also join us d tyme..as a photographer n supporter..in d bus...me n puteri ate d powerbar..first tyme..the taste is not bad..[quite expensive...]

d weather is cold..raining all along d journey to Telekom museum..we stop 4 a while for subuh prayer...lucky for us..d rain had stop..and we get ready....warming up..n d race start with release d 'c' category..that is d category for university n college [combine men n women]

as usual..i'm running with my mp3..first song.."right round' from florida..huhuhu...give me spirit as d song is CATCHY!!but...as i saw the stairs..steep stairs!!!!n quite hilly...i said "OO MY GOSH!!!"what d helll!!!! huhuhu..keep climbing the stairs...my feet going to cramp..lack of hill training...PADAN MUKE AKU!!!

reach d top..i walk a lil bit n start running..my running become faster n not so tired when running down d hill...as i run...one gal want to cut me...i give her d way...but then, i cut her back..n i leave her quite far after that..she can't cut me...satisfy!!!saw fifi infront...quite far..just maintain d pace..this tyme i only walk for a while..then run back a quick as i can b4 my legs feel lazy to run....

as i thought it is 10km..d distance still far...but suddenly the organizer people yelling that "sket lg nk sampai da"..i wondering..huuh???nk sampai da...???kate 10km..tipu laaa..after d corner i saw d telekom building with full of balloon...n i reach d finishing line..hmmm...i saw many people already reached d finishing line..i said to myself.."no number for me...huhu"coz nobody come to me to give me number or stuff like that...suddenly one man come to me n give me a card..i didn't even look at d card..i thought i juz a breakfast coupon..but then..i take a look back..d card come with number 4..am i d number 4 arrived????

then ruby asked me..eh..dpt no bape??i said number 4..but then she said fifi didn't get any number even she arrived earlier than me..then, fifi complain this to d organizer n d problem solved...take picture of URC members...camera crazy..puteri got number 7..congrats to her..hope this event will encourage n give her spirit to run for d next event..

as we're waiting for our prizes..we get bored..ade tarian..ntah pape..n then come the moment we waiting for..bagi adiah..yeay!!!but still lambat..they call one by one...n i got hamper n medal..yeay!!!!very happy coz get d hamper for prizes..hehehe..tp..ape yg klakanye..d organizer keep repeating that this is 10km event..hmm...da la klam kabot..maybe this is d first tyme they organize running event..huhu

hmmm...tomorow i just go as a photographer at seri sinar event..poor me..i want to join this race..but then, i got some probs..i can't join d race..for today's race..my leg not so painful as usual..maybe with d help of heating cream n proper warm up help me a lot to overcome d pain..

next...i wanna join Sukan Antare Fakulti...bole ke??? hahaha.."impossible is NOTHING!!!"

thats all for now...nak wat keje yg mcm gunung!!!!!!!!!..ngeh2...


pIcTUrES @muzium telekom race

Thursday, March 12, 2009


hmm...sigh~..dis month is already MARCH babe!!! n i'm not doing anything for my thesis..what d hell??? n i'm really stressed...'cuak'..owh~!!!so many works, assignment waiting for me...XML project, TESTING system, mY thesis...all such things make me going crazy..hmm..n evening i released my stress with running...best way before i get crazier than ever..hmm..i must motivate myself that i can do all d works n finish it on tyme...

huhuhu...dis weekend...i'm happy coz there are two event for running..and i'm participate on saturday event--- 10km..whoaa...10km again...and this tyme i wanna dare myself to decrease my tyme from my first 10km event..pray for me..but when i jog today...i felt very weak...very,very weak..dunno why..
maybe coz of d stressed...hmm..

on sunday, i juz follow URC to bukit jalil as a photographer..i enjoy doing this..coz i can feel their joy n pain even i'm not participate in d event..

what i can say here is...i'm not in a good condition n my mental is weak..n i'm afraid it will effect my running especially for this saturday 10km event..hmm..nyte everybody..

Monday, March 2, 2009

d weeKeNd eVeNtss

i'm back..not many things to be story here..huhu..as usual..d story about running event..

saturday...i had a larian amal for GAZA at Puncak Perdana...hmm..just run for fun..but as d weather is getting hot..i'm easily get exhausted running in d hot environment..huhuhu...n my face also easily get burned...only 9 members of UiTM Runner club involve in this event...ok laa...

ok..lets start with d sunday story..i felt sad coz can't join d towerthon event..coz of the late registration..but luckily UiTM had an event that is d Melati Run..my besh buddy, puteri also join this event..this is her first event with d new shoe..haha..wake up early..n 7.30 register as we don't register yet..met aizudin n nasrul..they came earlier..

luckily, hariz brought banana for us!!! actually, he is not UiTM student...but d spirit of running that he had bring him to d event..n he using Nazrul's matrix number to register..whatever..run 4 ur life!!

ok2..my target is to finish up d race..n if possible get d prize..huhuhu..what make me dissapoint is...d starting point is at d bukit tonggek..[very hilly hill]..n my leg going to cramp..wuhuuu..plz..jgn wat hall kakiku..n i just walk up d hill..waste of tyme!!! shame of me!! ok2.. after reached d top..i walk a lil bit to relax my leg for a while..then, i started to run with puteri..huu...as usual..run with d mp3.. give spirit to me...huuhu...

then, i move forward leaving puteri..sorry put..i have to go..n leaving some runners behind..i run..n run..n run..n walk sometimes..what make me sad is my feet..easily feel exhausted...any suggestion to overcome it??dunni how many km i run today...wondering..

the weather getting hotter n i'm continue running..n reached d finishing line..hohoh...many of URC[UiTM Runners Club] members already arrived..huhuu...
feel a bit frustrated coz no number for me..coz d 1st place to 3rd place is separate for men n women but for 4th place till 2oth place, d prize is combine for men n women..mane bole cmtu!!unfair!!!but...it's ok...run for fun..aite??

hmmm...waiting for URC members to take d prize..we do cooling down together n take many pictures as possible..mmg dorang gile gamba..hahaha..URC is d best..
congrats to them coz get d prizes n congrats to puteri also coz able to finish her first race..my timing today is...33mins..hmm..must improved it!!!

lessons learned today is...i must do bukit training..n train myself to make me fit..hmm..any suggestion for a beginner like me to train myself??

thats all for now...next week no event..n i'm going back to my village at Melaka..BABAI!!

some pictures at Melati Run...