Sunday, April 19, 2009

LoSt !!!!

this topics is differ from usual..just want to pour my feeling in here and dedicated this to something that i already lost today..on 19th APRIL 2009..

maybe sounds like a tragic things had happen 2 me...for is Tragic things..hmm..i have expected this thing will happen..but then i just dunno when it will happen..and happen..

what m i try to say?? huhu...actually it is about my cat...Comel it's name..given by my mom..i found it playing around my house area about four years ago..look like 'kucing org buang' is clean..and look frenly not wild like wild cats that not blongs to anyone..


Comel is sick

at first, my dad just bring it back home..because he knows that i am a cat lover..i do happy playing with it..but after that i have to put it outside my house afraid that it's owner will search for it..but day by keep standing there...every morning i'll take it n play with it..n i decided to make it as a family agree with it..n i'm happy..that's how Comel was found..

Comel very ' manje ' with me..sharing my bed with it is not a big problem 4 me as Comel is a clever will 'buang air' in d toilet..easy for us to take care of it..we bought cage for it so it is easy for us to bring Comel everywhere we go..when i'm sad..or happy..Comel will be a good listener as i'm rubbing it fur...i keep telling Comel my story....

one day, when my family went to a vacation to Cameron Highland..we just let Comel we expected that Comel know how to get back..but one week after that, Comel didn't come home..we searched for it everywhere..suddenly it came home by itself..
later...we found that Comel is pregnant with it stomach is big n i can feel the babies in it moving..then, Comel have give born to 4 cute by my dad..the name of ninja turtle cartoon..ANGELO, LEONARDO, RAPHAEL and DONATHELLO..

i'm so happy with the new family members..time by time...Comel age is day it just sleeping on d bed..don't want to eat..don't want everything...n Comel is having a fever..a day after that Comel play as usual..i feel relieved coz i've been worried bout Comel..

but, this tyme, Comel is sick..looks like it suffering so much.. n i cried watching Comel suffers like that..bring Comel to d Vet..the answer is Comel sick because of it is already, Comel can leave us anytime..of course i am sad hearing that n i'm not ready to lose Comel rite now where i need Comel so bad..

on 18th APRIL..i just doing my works..n i feel very exhausted n decided to sleep..i forgot to see Comel condition..hoe it is like i did as usual b4 i go to sleep..when it is already Subuh..i saw my mom eyes is red..n she said..'Comel da xde', i hurried up to see Comel..n Comel not breathing as usual..

i touched it body, is sooo cold..i can feel it...Comel had fight its pain so bad..what can i do..i sat beside Comel n n till forever..Comel will not be with me as usual..i said to myself..just let Comel go as Comel had suffer before..after that we buried Comel..very sad moment..luckily, i have taken soo many pictures of Comel n also video of will not missing Comel so bad..n there other 3 cats left for me..anak2 Comel..

it is right when i remember one wuote saying that.."if we love someone or sumthing..juz let it go"
this is what i do rite now..all d memories with Comel will remain in my brain..maybe people don't understand why i am soo sad just only because of a cat?? d answer is easy..i love is just d same when u lost someone..the feeling is just d same..

Reading book??so clever..

at by my side

p/s: to everyone who is by myside when i'm sad..thanx !!!

goodbye comel..been missing u so bad..

Monday, April 6, 2009

MaLaNgNyEE .....

5th ApR..aaaaa

early with d URC members as usuaL..take photos of them...n i'm a bit pissed off...dunno why...sumthing,sumone make me like feels that! then...back to my fren's room[her name is nart] ...she's already sleep as she is tired awake all nyte long yesterday hunt for fast n furious ticket..haha..then..i packed my things n ready to go to my other fren[her name is izati] to start do our work..but as i reached her room..she not open d door..maybe she also tired n sleeping..with my thing full in my'm sweating..dizzy..tired..i go down back to nart room..she still sleeping..n i started doing my works..e-mail it to my fren..then i sleep...bile pon xsdar..haha..
awakearound 1.30pm when got msg from izati..then i quickly go to her room with all my things..[berat btoll]..then we start doing our work..izati is really hebat doing the system..n i'm preparing d documentation which make my eyes 'juling' to edit d number,d content..keep doing d works n d tyme is already 3 am in d morning.i already feel sleepy n wanted to sleep for a while..i sleep n asked them to awake me everything is ready...i'm quite angry with one of our grupmate...she supposed to complete d test case..but..she is not doing it!!! n i have to wait for her to finish up d test case so that i can put it in d documentation n edit it..then she awake me..sigh~i juz keep my mouth shut...n listen to my mp3 so loud as i'm in angry mood...huhu...then checked d document page...satu hal lg!!! not automatically update..i have to copy N paste at every page..till d last page...then d alignment keep chnging...stupid documentation!!!!!daMn!!


finish edit everything, izati ,nart n me decided to sleep for a while..the tyme is 7.30 am n decided wake up at 9 am coz the UAT [system testing] start at we sleep...we is OVERSLEEP!!!!
izati suddenly awake n shout ..."WEYH...DA PKUL 12 LAAAAA!!!!!!" ohoh
d first thing nart did is grab her cellphone n call d lecturer to ask what to do as we is totally late for the testing system..hmm..d lect said that we must compromise with d group that is assigned to test our sysem..then i called acap coz he is incharge to test our system..lucky for us...his group is willing to wait for us...but we must hurry coz he wanted 2 see his lect at 12.30..

so..izati print d test case n i'm brush my teeth n wash my face..without MANDI!!!!eeww~after that i prepare everything..i feel SELEKEH gile...hahaha...walk as fast as we a lil bit in so sunny day..PANAS GILE PLAK tuu...then we reached BK22 [d testing room] straight foward searched for acap...thanx god..his group is not so angry with our group..Wuhuuu~

When everything is finished we really thanx them for their willingness to wait n test our system..they said that our group marks maybe will be deductedby d lecturer coz of late!!! what D hell!!!!after,nart n izati 'lepaking' ourselves...sadness..madness...angry is all what we feel..what we really feel frustrated is...nobody try to search for us..or make a call to our phone to awake us..or to remind us..n one of our groupmate is not back up us..she did not do so much work in this...not awake us..not with us when do d work..n 3 of us really frustrated with her!!! [for this testing group..we had 4 members actually]..she didn't tell us that d documentation is not to be submit today!!! next week is d submission for d documentation..if i know it..i won't spend my tyme for it..have enuff sleep n won't OVERSLEEP!!how come she didn't tell us!!!

suddenly we find d lecturer n explain what is actually happened..n she said that when everything is tested then..everything is ok...HOPEFULLY...hmm...whatever happened ..happened..n this will be my priceless experience in my way tocomplete my BACHELOR SC OF INFORMATION SYSTEM ENGINEERING (hons) DEGREE!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

LiVe LiVe 2 D FuLLeST

recently, my life is reaLLy MESSy...dunno why..the tyme management n self management of mine is ReaLLy bad...worst...there were a lot of problems...hmm..but what can i do as a normal human..i juz followed d path that were provided for me.. cry3 aaaaa

sumtymes..i do feel down n give up of everything..but then..i realize..this is not d end of everything.

on friday i had a dinner [ pre-graduate dinner] organized by my first i didn't want to no intentions for it..but as i think..this is d last dinner before me n my coursemate end our joined the dinner..really enjoy d dinner and d food is quite delicious...huhuu...after that we took picturess..n i will miss this moment...
on n my group prepare everything for d last presentation for our ITS670..[SYSTEM TESTING N EVOLUTION] we stay up late d previous wake up quite late on saturday...we didn't had our lunch...n felt sooooo hungry..hungry like nyte..we decided to get sumthing to eat..n we ordered our food...suddenly one of our coursemate invite us to join them to watch movie..huhuh..
my fren really excited coz since there were lot of works to is d tyme to realeased d we agree to followed them [thanx to ghazali n rahim ")]..ghazali n rahim wanted to watch fast n furious four..d latest muvi...reached at bukit tinggi cinema...d ticket for d fast n furious muvie is sold out...we hurried up go to other cinema...[dorang nk gak tgk cite tuu].. .hoho
then we go to sunway pyramid...the same thing happen..d last way is we go to one utama...d ticket is available...ghazali queue to buy d ticket..n obviously dat nyte is not for enuff seat...hmmm...of course ghazali n rahim is frustrated..then..we decided to juz go around d kuala lumpur city..[we can't enter d college till 6am]huhu...first we go to the uptown damansara..we eat for the first tyme for d day....really enjoy d food!!! we kind of uncomforable with d environment coz there were cigarates's smoke everywhere...felt like i'm going to have athma after this..... wtf

after that..we continue our journey to...d there were a football match between liverpool n fulham..there were many people 'lepaking' themselves..many people going to clubbing too...huhuu...felt man walk in front of me..n die MABOK!! he keep continue walking in dizzy head..then he vomit!!! eewww~ buruk prangai btolll.. .damn

we then go to dataran merdeka...'lepaking' ourselves there...quite many people sleep home???no transport to go home???mmg saje2 nk tdo kt dtran merdeka???no suitable answer i can give..huhuhu..
we continue our journey to ampang...there were a place..beautiful...enjoy d scenery of KL late at nyte...nice!!beautiful!!! we story bout each other..our thesis...our life..ghost stories...will miss dis moment too...then...we started to going back home...6.45..reached shah alam..n then i've to prepare myself fr URC training...pening2..not enuff sleep, not enuff rest...hahaa..dis is what we called "LIvE LiFe 2 d fULLeSt!!!" i didn't run..coz..i really xlarat..."(

fiza...izati..sana...pjart waitng for fOOd!!

me ")