Monday, July 13, 2009

MC laaa


URC memBers

me n my Buddy

aizuddin kuat bebel...whoopsie..")

huhu...juz recover from injuries of half marathon..this week on 12th july i'm joining one more event at the same venue...MERDEKA SQUARE...[mcm bosan plak asek lari kt sini..huhuhu]..
This event is 7.5 km...

hmm...i had lack of training...not enuff bz preparing proposal for my thesis..n havin problem in registration...uuu~ at first..i tot dat i cant join this..but then aizuddin tell me that he register me n my buddy to this event..hehehe

hmm..lets start d usual..i run wif my mp3...d first song is...WE WILL ROCK U-5ive..[da lame da lagu give me spirit]...i juz maintain d pace..saw mun..i left my buddy behind...suddenly i felt so tired...n rase nk pitam. rase meremang...haish...nape plak ni..
then i walk as fast as i could n my jari kaki rs kebas..i never felt this thing before..i wonder why..i had breakfst today compared to before i never had breakfast before running..huuuh...after having a fast i started to run..keep running sejauh yg mungkin..this is what i get coz lack of traing and i remember what aizuddin had bebel to me.."aku ajak training xnk..."hhuhu...
my fault...

hmm...look like i cant improve my walk n know i can do better than this if i get enuff training...but...doesnt matter..juz focus on dis more factor is i drink ice drink...xjage mkn....hmmm...pdn muke!!!

then...i reached the finishing tired...n i feel weak..after walking a lil bit..then i feel ok..
as d club photographer..take pics of everyone..hmm...i told aizuddin bout me yg nk pitam..then he start to membebel..."tu la ko..ajak training xnk ikot.."huhu...i juz smiling...yela2..aft this i'll train myself laaa...already learn from the past..thanx aizuddin coz keep forcing me to train myself for my own sake..thanx again.. im quite jealous for those who get d medal..huhuhu...nk wat cmne...argh!!!!

so....d lessons here are:
-keep train myself consistently...
-try to find tyme to train myself
-i can do better than this...i knew it..

p/s: happy birthday to syafiq...born on 12th July...da tue..
: Congrats to Edan coz of the new personal record
: congrats to all URC MEmbers who are able to get medal

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

haLf MArAThon??? ITs NOt impoSSiBLe!!! first..i am excited to try this half marathon when URC [UiTM Runners Club] expose about this race a months i gave my name n with full of confidence register my name to half marathon event...i tot...when it is holiday, i got tymes to train myself for this buddy, puteri also took part in this event...i am very happy..hehe

but then...when it is holiday...i didn't train myself as what i've planned before...i am too bz to do so..even no tyme for a jog!! i got many stuff to matters n etc..

because of this..i've been worried about the half marathon..i still thinking either want to run or not...tmbah plak with the h1N1 things...this mrathon is an international kene jangkit!!!

my buddy feel d same too...lack of training make her not so confidence to run..till 25th june..i still can't decide nk lari ke xnk..owh~hard to decide...oh my..oh my.. n my buddy decided to run n try our best coz for us if we didnt try then how we will know that we can do it or not..

28th morning we arrived at masjid negara as early as sume sbb tkot jln tutop..n worried there will be no parking...lucky for us..naseb ade parking..

after dat, on 6.10am i go at the starting line...ramai gile org!!!! there are people who already sweating like they already have their half marathon..huhu...then 6.15..the time comes..i run with my buddy...full of sprit n keep reminding and supporting each other that we can do it n finish d race!!!

while running nas cut me...then ilie n azrey cut me...then din and falah cut me..i didn't feel anything coz for me.. dorang mmg da hebat...i juz keep maintain my usual i run with my mp3..first song..BOOM BOOM POW from Black Eye it n make me wanna run as faster as i could..huhuhu... stop at every water station...seriously i feel so thirsty..n i need water..aft drink i feel fresh n get some energy...tibe2 rase nk urinate plak..ciSSS...kacau plak...but lucky me...d feeling decreased as i run..

1okm already timing decreased...nothing happen to my kaki...coz when i run i walk for a while coz i dont wanna push my foot coz i have 10km to go..

when it is 12 km..i started to feel pain on my foot...what make things worst right foot CRAMP!!!i'm very upset at this moment..then i feel relieved coz my right foot is already ok..
a minutes later my left foot started to cramp

this tyme i have to walk..i cant run at sad at this point..just hoping i can finish this race...pleaseee...

then, i force myself to a great pain!!!!huhuhu....i cant stand it!! at one point what i think is juz stop...n sit..but my spirit overcome everything...i want to finish this race..only a km to dataran merdeka...i meet my buddy run, walk together..we found asif sitting..i wonder why...xdgr die ckp ape coz my mp3 is too loud..hehhe...

suddenly, both of my foot cramp...o buddy keep saying sket i force myself to run till the finshing line..n ..i made it!!!

i feel so relieved..congrats to my buddy n to myself!!! this is d proof where d sprit overcome evrything..if u wanna do it, then u can make it..impossible is nothing..juz do it...

morale of this entry: half marathon is enjoyable, u can do it if ur full of sprit n u want to do so..after this i must train myself...improve my timing..huhhu...gud luck to me..any suggestion to improve myself???