Monday, May 25, 2009

LiFe Is noT Ez

salam everybody...i'm quite bz lately, got no tyme to update this blog...there were too many things Happened in my life...yet teach me how priceless life is...

sumtymes, whatever happened juz make me feel soo frustrated with my life, down n lost hope to live..but when i think about it back..rethought...i realize there's sumthing i'm not discover over what had happened..

too many obstacles..hmm...but i'm thankful coz i'm surrounded by people who really cre of me..thanks to my parent who encourage me to not easily give up n put my best effort...thanx my buddy, put...this is what we called friend...a true friend owez there when u need 'em...encourage u..give u motivation n accompany u either when u r happy or sad..thanx to syafiq...give me spirit...and edan..ur words encourage me not to feel down..

not forgetting my classmates...yatie,nart,ijat...thanx coz encourage me..hope i do well in next sem..

rite now...i'm having a course of microsoft sql...database admin...n when i get d certificate..hopefully i can get job easily..hopefully..
whatever had happened...teach me how to face life...learn form d past..and d most important not to just give up without workin' out for it..

after this..juz forget the past..learn from it and start a new a btter me...n workin out for my self..amiin..

"life is soo life to d max..."