Monday, February 23, 2009

my FIRST 10KM event...wuhuuu

actually...i'm not so confident with myself coz this event is 10 km...n this is my first 10km event..i wonder if i can make it or not..bole sampai till the finisher or not..but..i wanna challenge for fun.. besh buddy..puteri willing to accompany me for this tyme event..n she's willing to become d photographer for this event..thanx to her ")..
so, i get some spirit because she is by my me..that morning i eat a gadenia bread perise jagong..ok la tu..backup energy

so the race start at 7.25..n i started agak terkebelakang sket..[waste energy!!!]..
running with my mp3...keep motivates myself that i can do it..n i can finish d race...go pjart!!!

i'm sweating, my shirt get wet...very wet..lucky coz the weather not too hot..runninr..running..running n i stop at the water station...drink water n continue running..i can feel the pain at my feet...n my feet da rase berat...[cm malas nk lari da]..i walk for a while..take a deep breath..n continue running..
only me can push myself at that tyme n my brain play important role here..if my mental is weak..maybe i just sit n waiting for the ambulans to come n fetch target today is to finish the, i have to complete the race and achieve my target...

sometimes i asking myself why i join this race??? n keep on my feet,leg very painful..i say to myself...."tahan la sket...sket je lg nk sampai da" i run, i read d signboard...dataran merdeka..owh..i'm getting closer to d finisher!!! hurry up!! so, i push myself to run...n at last...i reach d finisher..congrats to me!!!u made it pjart!!!

after that, rest myself as my left leg n feet very painful..jln pon xbtol sgt..reach uitm...i sleep..resting my leg..

when i was on d way back i step dwon the stairs...i miss step n terseliuh on my right feet..adooiiii!!! nape la mase ni gak nk parent fetch me..n nyte, my mom massage my me!!!!! i'm wondering how i will go to d class tomorrow..maybe tonite it will recover a little..just pray for it..

anyway...for today's event i feel very satisfy with myself..n proove to myself that i can do timing....10km = 1hr 36 mins..hope i can improve myself..

next week..1st march = towerthon..

"impossible is nothing"

besh buddy = pjart + puteri

Monday, February 16, 2009


B1098 = 36TH

huhuhu...i'm excited of this race coz i'm just recover from my lil sis also took part in this race because her school [sm sains seri puteri] make this race as their 'merentas desa' event for their school!!

as i'm caught in d fever for one week, so i juz lay on my bed, resting myself..i'm not go for a jog like what i alwayz did . as a result, when i try to jog back on thursday..i feel a bit weird with my leg..dunno why..hhuu..camne nk lari ari ahad nnt????? oo my gosh!!! seriously...i feel very strange..n cepat 'pancit'..adoii..

i feel worried with myself that moment..huh..saturday evening d same thing happen..what d hell with my leg??i juz said to myself juz calmdown..n relax for tomorrow's race..

d nyte b4 race..i prepare my for tomorrow n etc..i eat tomyam and plain rice..i know it is not so good for me..but i can't help myself to eat tomyam..hhuu..that nyte..i can't sleep well..maybe i often thinking about the race..what happen to me tomorrow..

at 4.30a.m i wake up..n prepare what is needed..ruby ask me to wake her up..but whenever i miss call her..i got no response..what happen to her??? i become worried because dunno either she is awake or not..i keep calling her..but still the same..i walk to sport complex at 5.30 am and wait for the bus..

luckily, at last ruby wake up..n of course she is late..but she's lucky coz she's awake..hmm...reach there..the category for men already start..thanx god that my category.. did not start enugh tyme to calm down n motivate myself..

then, the race started..huhuu...ramainyee the envrinment is a bit hilly, i feel exhausted running..n i remember all the tips from mr i keep on running..with listening to d songs..wawawa..i can't stand the 'bukit'..tired..sometime, i walk..coz da pancit..after take a deep breath..i continue running..keep motivates myself that i can do it..while running..i keep asking myself...why i joined this race coz i feel exhausted n my leg n foot already feel the me!!!

the most adventurous thing is when i have to run, go trough a 'little forest'..[little ke..??]hmm...often, i touched d tree full with torn to support me from fall..ouch!!!the soil is wet+lembik...eeww...but it's fun coz it is new experience for me..running in that environment, not so boring coz the environment is differ..finish the 'little forest' i have to slide down..thanx god that nothing happen to shoe, shirt get very dirrrty!! more priceless experience i get..hehehe..

then..i keep on running, sometimes i walk..hmm...wondering..if i'm d last person in my category...hopefully not!!! reach the finisher..i see the medal..yes!!! i get the medal..huhuhu..hmm...i feel satisfy coz i can finish the race and get the medal..yeay!!! congrats to me..

after that i search for my lil sis..i found her..miss her soo much..she's get the certificate..n manage to finish up the race..congrats to her..hhuhu...

i didn't bring any extra i juz berkaki ayam wherever i go..thanx to hariz coz allow me to borrow his slipper..hehehe..take picture of everyone...

i'm very happy and congrats myself coz finish up d race even at first i'm not confident with myself because of my leg condition..but impossible is, i also like to than to edan coz allow me to borrow his 'beloved' shoe..hehe..kasot tu ringan..n give some spirit to me whenever i feel give up..thanx a lot!!! hmm..after this..i have to get ready for my thesis progress presentation..n i do not prepare papepon lagi!!!cmne ni???

all d best for me...n my thesis..n the most important...d best for my running..

next race = kl city race= 10 km..

some pics at d race...

with my LIL SIS..

medal FOR d DAY..")

with AWIN..

some of the runners

beLOVED club...

Thursday, February 12, 2009


where should i start eh..yup..huhu..there were loads of things happen in my life recently..
my brain is not juz stable as it was b4..there were too many things 2 b focus on..n as a result.. i got not enuff rest, i had a fever for 1 weeks..

what makes me more dissapoint is..i can't attend my besh buddy event.. ARCHIFEST that i've been waiting soo long coz her batch is inchrge!! n d major sadness is how m i going to run in megathon???...but the spirit overcome parent encourage me to run BUT only if i am OK..but when i said that i'll be OK after take the medicine..they agree to let me go for the megathon.

megathon was held on 8th feb..the nite b4 the fever get serious and worst..i.m ponstan..huhu..i'm sweating another rest that 6 am i wake up..but i can feel that i'm not OK..duh~..i ate my SNEAKERS to gain energy coz my throat can't accept any food or else i'll vomit!! after eat the SNEAKERS, i eat ponstan, and 2PANADOLS..[really lalok at that moment..but for d race i do evrything]

during the race, i do my best...what i wanna do is challenge myself..fever is not d reason why i must give up in this race..the uitm environment is very hilly..sometimes while im running, i get angry why uitm was built like this??!!! other moment i feel i just want 2 stop..i can't stand it!!! help me!!!hhuhuu...but as i push myself...i reach the end...what makes me smile is...i still got numbers for it..n i'm number 14..heehe...i thought i'm d last who reach the end..thanx god..

i'm very satisfy with myself coz can finish up d race..went back legs were very painful till now.."(..n my fever..of course worst than ever!! i have to go to see d doc for the second tyme!!
rite now, i'm a bit ok..but my leg not fully recover..

whatever happen i mst train myself for this sunday event..please pray 4 me..huhuhu