Saturday, January 31, 2009

runNing in D RAiN..wuHUuu

i'm back...

lately d weather in d evening is not ok aite???raining..raining..
hmm...but it's not d reason for me to not run..
actually running in d rain is interesting...

one evening, i came to a park which is a quite suitable place to jog..[even skateboarding, reflexology, volleyball etc] situated at favourite place to jog when i'm at home..[bole try tgk..dtg test tmpt nie ") ] ..this tyme, as my younger sis was in her school holiday, i came with my lil sis..

we started run for 10 mins...n is raining heavily!!!! hmm...nape plak ujan skrg nie???!!! i target that i must finish 20mins run i decided to just run in d rain..sounds crazy...[pak cik2, mak cik2,kanak2 yg ade kat tmn tu sume tgk ngn muke mcm xpnah tgk org as i run in d 20mins tyme in d rain]..

my lil sis already 'pancit' after 2 laps she stop..i just keep running..ujan mkin lebat!!! but i enjoy running in d run!!! push myself to run in d's fun!!
d wet form ur sweat n from d rain make me satisfy a lot from my jog today..n i can finish up my 20mins jog..hehehe..impossible is nothing..

went ome...basah kuyup...n i got flu d next day...hhuhu..but it's long as i can just my nose is having problem..not my leg, my feet..

Run 4 uR liFe!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

an eveniNg JOg..")

since i am sooo bz lately, i got no chances to write on my blog..hhoho..
last Tuesday, as i planned, i wanna go 4 a jog..n my target is..i wanna jog 4 20 mins non stop..i dare myself to do it coz if i'm not try will i know aite?? but i AM quite dissapoinT with the weather...around 4pm, the weather is not's been raining heavily...what i can do is pray for the rain to stop..da ketagih nk berlari..[this week i'm a bit stressed with d load of work..the system and presentation!!! so, its tyme to release it!!] as time goes by, at 5.30PM the rain start to slow down..n then it stop..
thanx god..hhuu..invite my fren to come along..but they refused..hmm..what can i do???

i walk to the stadium..the environment is cold, wet...maybe coz of the rain..i like least it is not too hot!! when i reached the satdium, there are lots of people..looks like having an, i decided to have a jog outside the the car park area..

the car park area are quite i start running with my mp3..recently i hear new songs from we the kings...title check yes the chorus it said "run baby run don't ever look back"..maybe the real meaning in the song is not for running purpose..but as i heard the band sang "run baby run" seems like it motivate me to run...feels like someone encourage me to run..hahaha..

i jog alone...naik turun bukit kat situ..hhuu..ENJOy every moment of it..enjoy the nature after the rain..fresh air..peace..far form hustle bustle of the city..i try to run for 20 min non stop and i made it!! i feel very satisfy with shirt get wet..but i'm happy...satisfy..after that, i cool down myself..coz if leg will get cramp..
got a problem with d left leg..the effect from the accident previous year..hhuhu..

after maghrib prayer...went ome..get bored waiting 4 d bus..juzt a waste of tyme!!!


Monday, January 19, 2009

me N rUNNinG

me n running...

i enjoy running a lot..when i am free, whenever i like...i do running..i feel satisfy with myself..release all the tense inside whenever i am mad, anger, tension,stress..running is d best solution to release it all..with a good way..

when i was at matriculation..i do running but my frens prefer more on basketball and and squash is an interesting sports but i prefer running more coz it is easy, no need any tools, and i can do it myself without have to wait for anyone ..can do it anytime, anywhere..dats the good point of running.

rite now, what makes me more interested in running is the existence of uitm runners club where i can meet people who are also havin' the same interest with me, share some info about running and much more benefits..and what i like most is going to an event together and share the pain and joy together even i participate only 3 events in 2008..hmmm...

now with running, i try to improve myself..challenge myself to run as far as i can..but the problem is i am not fit as i am in school..huhuhu..baru lari bape KM da sempoTT!!! i must do is...make jogging as a routine..thats my promise for myself for this 2009..i prefer to run with music coz it will motivate me to push myself to run as far as i can..

i've been dreaming, thinking to participate in marathon event...finish up the race..hopefully it will not only a dream and i dare myself to do it..even people will laugh at me at look at me as if i am a clown..duh~ who is all about me..aite??

as i am very 3x interested in running, i also choose marathon runner as my title for my BEL 440 [WRITING FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES]..this subject is just d same as doing research but not too complex as doing d real research..
thanx to mr president of uitm runners club Edan coz give his marathon books to me as a references..from here, it also add my knowledge on many techniques for marathon runners..

hopefully i can improve myself on running and be d best as i can..insyaALLAH..


Sunday, January 18, 2009 last i got d chance to have my own blog..suitable with the newly coming of year 2009..i been dreaming of having my own blog..but i got no opportunity, no ideas on what to write on d blog..
as i read my friend's blog by day..i become interested of having my own blog..
now..all i have to do is try my best to write...huhuhu..

why my blog so dark..uh huh..dats because of into black color combine with red..and blue too..but mostly i adore black the most!!haha..